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  1. The Sixth Form represents a new challenge to students but membership carries responsibilities as well as privileges.  Whilst the main reason for entering the Sixth Form is to pursue a path of study allowing university entrance, it is hoped that students will have acquired much more than academic results at the end of the two years.
  2. Sixth Formers’ hold a very special position in the school. Being senior pupils, they will automatically set an example to younger boys; they will assume responsibilities and it is hoped, involve themselves more closely in the life of the school in a manner that was not previously possible.
  3. Future employers, universities and colleges, place great emphasis on the acquisition of qualities: reliability, initiative, determination, commitment, self-discipline and motivation. The Merchants’ Sixth Form provides opportunities to acquire and develop all of the above qualities.
  4. The Sixth Form represents a transition from one of close supervision to a period of relative freedom, whereby students accept responsibility for meeting deadlines. Learning to work independently, exercising self-discipline in the face of diversion and apportioning time sensibly to different activities are therefore important aspects of Sixth Form training.