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Learning Support

To ensure girls with any learning disability, are supported appropriately through school via academic management strategies.


  • To address the needs of the whole child.
  • To develop self-esteem through the use of successful learning strategies.
  • To develop ‘on task’ behaviour via improved academic understanding
  • To help to provide a smooth transition through school.
  • Girls may have been diagnosed in their previous School as having Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Visual or Hearing impairment, ADHD, Speech and Language difficulty or as being on the Autistic Spectrum. Their learning is then supported either through in-class support strategies or withdrawal from a lesson for one-to-one tutorials.
  • The rationale of early intervention will lead to greater liaison between the Schools and parents, smooth transition and enhanced staff awareness.
  • The department liaises closely with Merchant Taylors’ Primary School Stanfield, and other Primary Schools to ensure continuity of support and provision for those girls who encounter learning difficulties – whether on a temporary or longer term basis.
  • Girls can also be diagnosed with learning difficulties throughout their Senior School years, through different means of referrals, these are all investigated, assessed and recommended further testing/actions if necessary, in the best interest of the individual.
  • In addition, the Learning Support Department test to ascertain a pupil’s reading and spelling age at key stages of school life and this is monitored and reviewed throughout their school years.
  • Working closely with our Examination Officer, we ensure that any examination concession recommendations for GCSE and A Level study are accommodated alongside the criteria/guidelines from the examination boards.

Spelling, reading and handwriting difficulties are addressed and the programmes of study are reading age appropriate. It is very important in the initial years for the girls to build relationships with the support team, feel at ease and thereby develop confidence and self-esteem. In addition, strategies to develop personal organisation, short-term memory and the ability to sequence information effectively are employed.

The BBC Skillswise website provides an extensive range of activities to develop Literacy and Numeracy and complements learning and the acquisition of skills.

Mentoring and monitoring are vital components here as girls move towards GCSE. Many require guidance with revision and Study skills. Some girls will continue to require support with reading and spelling. Most will require support with personal organisation, target setting and meeting coursework deadlines and skills in “how to learn” for examinations. Some girls drop a subject and they value the extra study time.


At this stage girls may require help in completing Personal Statements, advice regarding UCAS forms or simply some help with personal organisation during the transition to A Level. Study Skills and Revision strategies are vital here.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any queries or require further information about Learning Support.

LDD Co-ordinator: Miss J Henderson