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MTGS Parent Teachers Association

MTGS Parents’ Teachers’ Association is an active group representing both Stanfield and the Girls’ Senior School. Every child is represented by a member of the Committee whether by a year group, sports group, music or drama group.

All parents can get involved if they want to, even if they only have a small amount of time available. All parents are automatically members of the Association whilst they have a child in the school.

The email address to contact the PTA is [email protected].



The committee consists of 8 Officers (President, Vice-President, Chair, Vice-Chair, Social Secretary, Treasurer and Secretary) and 14 other committee members. There are 22 members in total, all of whom have voting rights. However we also have some “extra” members who come along to the meetings and help out at functions. We meet on a regular basis, usually once per term with smaller working groups meeting as necessary to organise specific events. We hold our AGM in the summer term to which all parents are warmly invited.


We are very fortunate at our school to have a PTA that is an integral part of the school community. In its time, the PTA has raised thousands of pounds – money which has been spent on improving equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and facilities in school in general. All parents are members and everyone’s contribution is highly valued.

However, our PTA is about much, much more than just fundraising. The PTA exists to provide closer links between home and school, and it is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and children together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal. We have organised social events (eg quiz night, summer fair, fashion show) for the parents and pupils as well as advice evenings led by professionals (eg internet safety night, seminars on drugs and alcohol abuse and more recently a talk on “seven simple steps to be a better parent!”). This is to help provide mutual support in all matters connected with the training and upbringing of the children at the school. Some events involve the whole school whilst some are more relevant to either Stanfield (eg Christmas fair) or the Girls’ Main School (eg fashion show).

We also organise the “nearly new uniform sales” and refreshments at some school events eg open days.

We are very conscious of the ethos and morals of our school and we try very hard when organising and planning events to respect this. Not all of our events are run as fundraisers, but are intended to provide information and guidance instead. Other events are run with the main aim of giving the children a good time and as a way of thanking the families for their continued support for the PTA eg Christmas fair.


There are lots of ways you can help and support your child through the PTA. Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is extremely valuable. We couldn’t achieve what we do without the unseen “army of help” behind the scenes eg wrapping gifts for the Christmas fair, preparing raffle prizes etc.

We very much welcome any ideas, feedback and support from all parents as this allows us to ensure continuously that all voices are heard and that the events we organise are appropriate to both parents and pupils.

The work of the PTA is very rewarding and can be fun too! Any parent interested in joining, helping out at a function or who has any other ideas should contact us via email at [email protected]. Anybody can get involved it they want to, even if they only have a small amount of time available.


Our AGM is held at the beginning of the summer term and this is an opportunity for all parents to come along and hear in more detail about events run, funds raised and how the money has been spent. It is also the occasion when we elect our new committee. Elected members serve the committee for an average of 2-3 years, but can be voted in to stay longer!


Like most PTAs, the majority of our funds are raised through the events that we run. Any funds raised during the year are used to fund events or used to improve equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education and the facilities in school in general eg playground equipment at Stanfield and endeavour prizes, funds towards the baby grand piano, picnic tables, Duke of Edinburgh tents, digital cameras, satellite navigation for the mini-buses, drama equipment at the main school (to name but a few!!)

Once money is raised, the funds are banked straight away. The decisions on how to spend the money are then discussed and agreed at our PTA meetings.

Mrs Tao and Miss Yardley usually have a “shopping list” of items that the school would like to purchase. Sometimes this will be as a result of the children asking for something e.g. playground equipment. At other times it will be for resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment eg provision of digital cameras. PTA funds are for the “extras” not provided by the school budget that make our children’s learning experiences more fulfilling and exciting. We aim to “spend” the money quickly so that the children and parents who helped raised the money can benefit from the items bought!

PTA funds are not generally spent on improving the fabric of the school building as this is the responsibility of the school governing body. We always endeavour to spend our funds in ways that will benefit all our children across all areas of the school and curriculum.

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