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Academic Guidance & Pastoral Care

With greater emphasis on private study, self discipline and self motivation, students in the Sixth Form receive a great deal of individual attention and support from personal tutors and the pastoral care team.

Each student is placed in a tutor group of approximately twelve to fourteen students and it is through the tutor’s daily contact that unobtrusive care is exercised. The tutor will normally be the first person to whom a student will turn for help or advice.

Tutor time in the Upper Sixth is used in a variety of ways such as personal contact time with the tutor, careers information and, most importantly, preparation for university applications and life beyond school.

In the Lower Sixth, students participate in a structured programme of PSHE. Students also benefit from their own dedicated Sixth Form Centre, complete with study areas, a sixth form computer room, café style eating area and kitchen.

We encourage our students to think for themselves and make informed decisions. To help them in this, we provide a continuous, structured programme of careers guidance. Close relationships between staff and students ensure that careers advice is based upon a real understanding of each person’s abilities and aspirations.

The Head of Careers, Mrs V Mee, is responsible for the careers education in the school. All students complete the COA “Centigrade” Higher Education questionnaire and receive individual guidance on the opportunities available at Universities, Colleges of Higher Education or in employment.

Information is available concerning Open Days at Higher Education establishments, and attendance at sixth form conferences, ‘taster’ courses and ISCO Careers Experience courses is encouraged. Further opportunities for Work Experience placements are also available and the well stocked Careers Library is open all day.

Most of our sixth form students move on to higher education and we regard it as very important to equip them with the skills and self-discipline they will need at university. The Sixth Form Centre, and a teaching style which encourages independent thought, enable Sixth Formers to take university in their stride. The transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form is carefully and sensitively managed because the style of learning is so different at this stage.