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Sixth Form Girls Dress Code

  1. Black suit or trouser suit.
  2. Hip length jacket, black buttons – no coloured external stitching.
  3. Flared / bootleg trousers – not too baggy or with turn ups.
  4. Straight, knee length skirt.
  5. Plain material, cotton / polyester – not denim, leather, linen, corduroy, or lightweight fabric.
  6. No waistcoats.
  7. Pale blue blouse or blue striped blouse.
  8. Black tights or natural coloured tights (not patterned).
  9. Black shoes with a sensible heel – no sling backs or backless shoes. Ankle boots may be worn with trousers.
  10. Black outdoor coat without fur or other trimmings – not to be worn around school.
  11. Scarf – not to be worn around school.
  12. Discreet jewellery – pierced ears only. No nose, eyebrow or tongue studs or multiple ear piercings.
  13. Natural hair colour / highlights.
  14. In winter, a plain v-neck jumper may be worn in addition to suit jackets, but not instead of suit jackets.