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In addition to the wide and varied programme of Extra Curricular provision in the school that the girls have already benefited from, as Sixth Formers, they will revel in the opportunity to become even more involved in the daily life of the school.

The Sixth Form Committees provide students with the chance to take leadership roles:


Form Assistants are required to help form teachers when asked, especially during form time and when charity events are held. Whilst offering a ‘listening ear’ they need to gain the respect of their form and can be valuable in identifying and solving problems among its members; organisational skills and the ability to gain the group’s attention can be important.

Junior Societies e.g. Drama or Debating will run at the instigation of Sixth Formers, meeting the needs and reflecting the interests of both the participants and the organisers and providing further opportunity to show initiative, leadership and commitment.


Girls involved in this will receive instruction, from a professionally trained person, early in the Autumn Term. During lunch time, they will be available (on a rota system) to listen to problems that younger girls wish to discuss with them. However, any serious matter is referred immediately to the Pastoral Counsellor, with whom this committee liaises closely at all times.


Under the guidance of a member of staff the Charity Committee co-ordinates fund raising and giving, often with the help of the Form Assistants. The Committee members have the opportunity to be inventive and persuasive and are particularly active at Harvest, Christmas and Easter when gifts may be distributed in the neighbourhood and to some of our voluntary service contacts.


Under the guidance of Mrs Barry, the Library Committee ensures the smooth running of the Library, checking and cataloguing books and encouraging prompt return of borrowed volumes. Regular and frequent duties and meetings are involved but there is also the opportunity to become familiar with the stocks of books related particularly to your subjects.


Under the guidance of a member of staff, members of the Magazine Committee commission or write articles, interview contributors and organise the illustration, editing, printing and sale of the finished magazine. Membership of the Committee allows the development of writing, artistic and publishing skills.


The Snack Shack Committee purchases stock, and is responsible for the day to day running of accounts for the Sixth Form Vending Machine. Retail, financial, promotional, personnel and public-relation skills are all required and can be developed in this very successful venture requiring commitment and stamina to meet its daily operational demands.


Under the guidance of the Marketing staff this committee offers sixth formers the chance to gain an insight into a career in marketing. The committee will undertake a project that they will organise and co-ordinate themselves and will give them the opportunity to be creative and imaginative. The work produced by the committee will feature amongst the Schools’ marketing materials.