The Beatles Story – Year 4

On Friday 27th June, Year 4 were taken on their last trip of the year to ‘The Beatles Story’ on the Albert Dock. After covering the topic for the last 6 weeks, the girls were very excited to learn more about John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Group 1, led by Miss Ley, began their exciting trip with a visit to the Beatles exhibition itself. Inside, the girls were fascinated by being able to view some of the real clothes, instruments and merchandise from the 1960’s. With their earphones securely in place, the girls set off to explore the museum and were thoroughly interested in what new facts they could learn! Group 2 meanwhile, were in the ‘Discovery zone’ learning all about how music was played during the time the Beatles reined the charts. They neatly coloured a happy birthday message in for Ringo Starr, which the enthusiastic tour guide promised would be sent over to him in time for his 75th birthday next week! The final activity in the zone involved an interactive piano, song lyrics and a few screams!  After the morning fun, everybody was ready for a bite to eat, so we leisurely ate our lunch together in the ‘chill area’. The afternoon activities consisted of a 4D cinema experience which the girls, and teachers, absolutely loved! The girls happily sang away to the Beatles classics ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, ‘She loves you’ and ‘Strawberry fields’, while being squirted with water, thrown back into their simulated chairs and ticked by octopus! A wander around the Elvis exhibition followed and gave the girls an insight into the lives of one of the Beatles’ most influential and inspirational artists. All of the girls were a credit to Stanfield throughout the trip, listening well to instructions and behaving sensibly while out in public. On behalf of year 4, I would like to thank Mrs Birtwistle and our helpers Mrs Evans, Mrs Mackenzie, Miss Callaway and Mrs Tinsley. A superb trip which I’m sure the girls will remember for a long time!
Report by Miss Ley