Year 3 A day out in Liverpool

On Wednesday 8th May we went to Liverpool. We went on the coach and I was Harini’s partner. We were very excited! When we arrived everyone raced off the coach, we were at the Albert Dock. We walked around and took photographs of the ships. We saw a big building, which I recognised, it was the Liver buildings. We walked up to see The Beatles who were a famous pop group from Liverpool and we took pictures of their statues.
Afterwards we had a ride on the yellow duck. Ava and Emily sat in Prince Philips seat! The yellow duck took us all around the Albert dock where we saw a picture of a famous ship called the Titanic which sank in the Atlantic ocean in 1912. We had a visit to the Tate gallery shop before stopping for lunch. I bought a cool sketchpad.
After lunch we went to see the art in the Tate gallery, which I really enjoyed. We drew pictures of the artist’s pictures in a little sketchpad. At the end of the day the coach took us back to school. I had so much fun.
Isabelle Wilson 3R

An Exciting Day Out!

On Wednesday, 8th May 2013 I went to Liverpool with Year 3. On the coach, I sat next to Halle, my friend. We were going to Liverpool because Year 3 are doing a local area project and Liverpool all in one. When we were nearly at the Albert Dock I saw the Liver Birds nearly everyone took pictures of that.

When we were at the Albert Dock we saw boats on the River Mersey. Next to the River Mersey were statues. There was one of a family but behind the family was a young boy, the young boy he was poking a crab with a stick. There was another statue that one was a wind instrument but I am not sure which one.

A little later we went on the Duck Tour, I also sat next to Halle then! We sat behind the driver. On the Duck Tour Emily and Ava sat in the red seat and that was where the Queen or Prince Philip sat !

After that we went to the Tate Gallery. Once we had settled down in the lunch room we went to the gift shop in Tate. I bought a sketch book and a pink pencil. Next we went to have lunch. I had a tuna sandwich.

Finally we went to the art gallery. We met an artist and she did a drawing without looking at her piece of paper it was really good! After she did it, we did it, most of us looked down but I didn’t.

After a short while it was time to go home. Halle and I were very tired after our day sightseeing in Liverpool.
By Millie Laycock 3R