Year 4 Aztec Day – reports by Lucy Edey and Coco Millar

Year 4 Aztec Day!  by Lucy Edey

On Thursday 15th June the Year 4 girls at Stanfield had an Aztec Day at Calmecac Aztec School.  We had to wear a sheet tied over our shoulder with a belt and a t-shirt.

When we got into school we had to write our names backwards on a sticky label so Mrs Richardson would call us our Aztec name.  Mrs Richardson’s name was Arabrab and mine was Ycul.  When we had done that we designed headbands with felt pen.  After we finished Arabrab made it fit on our heads and added a feather.

When everybody had finished, Arabrab prepared some tortillas, peppers, avocado and tomato.  I only got a tortilla and some pepper.  Afterwards, Arabrab poured us a cup of Aztec chocolate milk and we also had Aztec chocolate, I really like it.

Just before break time, Tony the school photographer came in and took some photos.  He did a really cool one and he asked us to slowly move forwards.  He took a lot of pictures very quickly and I think it’s going to look amazing!

After morning break time we had to make a menu for Montezuma.  Montezuma was expecting at least 30 courses but Arabrab said she wanted about 15 courses!  I found out that the Aztecs ate doe, rabbit, frogs and even turtle!  I DEFINITELY will not eat any of them.  We wrote the menu in our GWB.  We also learnt the good manners.  They sound very strict.

Then we had lunch.  After lunch we did some Aztec art.  We made Gods Eyes.  It was quite hard at first but then I got the hang of it.  Arabrab cut us some coloured wool for us to make it with.  We got some twigs and put them in a cross.  We tied the twigs together with a piece of wool.  Different colours of wool mean different things, like blue wool means rain and green wool means the crops growing.

After break time we went straight to the hall to do an Aztec dance.  The other year 4 teacher Haras taught us the dance.  It was really fun.  We had to do a sequence of moves to an Aztec piece of music.

At the end of the day one person from each class got sacrificed.  The person from Haras’s class was Enraef.  Because the Aztecs weren’t very fait we made it fair.  Arabrab cut up some pieces of paper and put a cross on one, whoever got ht epiece of paper with the cross on got sacrificed.

My favourite part of the day was making gods Eyes because it was fun.  I really enjoyed that and I will never forget it.


Aztec Day by Coco Millar

On Thursday 15th June year 4 had Aztec day. We came in authentic costumes and attended Calmacac school. To start off we decorated paper and made hats. A little later we tasted Aztec food. We tried avocado, tortillas, peppers, tomato, a chocolate drink and dark chocolate. Then, we wrote the rules of Calmcac school. Eiddam had been naught and was hung over the chilli fire. We learned more about what the Aztecs lived like and ate. Then we prepared a sixteen course meal for a God. After Lunch, we went to do some dancing in the hall it was great fun! We were split up into four different groups and we made different dances. To finish off the day Eiddam and Enraef were sacrificed by me and Alleb. My favourite part of Aztec day was the food tasting because I got to try new things! Everybody said they really enjoyed the experience and thought it was fun to step back I time.