Year 6 Evacuee Day at MTGS

As part of their History topic on World War Two, Year 6 spent the day experiencing life as an evacuee. They were marched down to the Senior Girls’ School where they were billeted to various classes to give them an idea of how it felt to be in an unfamiliar environment. Following this they each wrote a letter home to families, describing what it was like to be evacuated.

Films were made in the Green Room of the girls talking about life during the war. The girls impressed staff with their knowledge of this era and their excellent presentation skills. At break time they enjoyed eating jam sandwiches, apples and plain biscuits.

Throughout the day Year 6 had to be prepared for air raids and carried their gas masks everywhere. When sirens were sounded, everyone had to put on their mask and shelter underneath the tables until the ‘all clear’ siren was heard.

Rations were served for lunch: delicious stew and jelly – a hearty meal before experiencing wartime PE. This session was delivered as it would have been in 1939 and focussed on agility, marching, strength and responding quickly to commands – important wartime requirements.

The day ended by watching Carrie’s War and one last air raid. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their day as evacuees, which brought to life this important period in history.