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At Stanfield, we believe that Science should be an exciting, practical and ‘hands-on’ subject and we endeavour to foster an air of exciting discovery where children are well motivated and enthusiastic about science within school and its application in the wider world. We aim to capture the natural curiosity of children as they find out about the world they live in through first hand experience in a climate which encourages curiosity, perseverance, open-mindedness, critical reflection and co-operation. We believe that all pupils of this school must have regular access to Science appropriate to their age and stage of development and that emphasis should be given to this subject as a ‘core’ subject.

Science is not always taught in isolation and will naturally draw from and contribute towards other areas of the curriculum. Science within the timetable is taught for 1 hour 30 minutes per week from Years 1 to 6 and is an on-going integral part of the Knowledge and Understanding element in the Foundation Stage. Science is appropriately taught for pupils of all abilities, enabling each individual pupil the chance to succeed to his/her maximum potential. We will employ a range of teaching methods, problem solving and open-ended investigation.

Many educational visits have science-based objectives. For example, Year 1 visit Techniquest Science Discover Centre and Norton Priory, Year 2 visit The Hat Museum and The World of Glass Museum, Year 4 visit The Catalyst Museum and Freshfield Nature Reserve and Year 5 also visit The Catalyst Museum. Visits from outside companies also deliver science topics through drama and music, such as Quantum Theatre for Science.

Children undergo formative assessment through pupil observation, questioning, discussion and oral presentations, and summative assessment through structured worksheets, written or verbal feedback on work and through results of computerised LCP tests taken at the end of each unit.