The mathematics curriculum at Stanfield is taught on a subject basis and work in mathematics is taught for a minimum of 5 hours per week. Reception to Year 2 are taught by their class teacher, whilst Years 3 to 6 are set by ability.
A scheme of work based on the Numeracy Strategy is used to provide a framework for teachers at Stanfield, but this is extended and supported by a range of other materials, which are taken from different schemes. Wherever possible, practical application of mathematical principles is encouraged.
Homework is used to support the mathematics taught in lessons through specific tasks set by the teacher as reinforcement or development of work undertaken in lessons.
Assessment takes place at three connecting levels:

Short term

Informal part of every lesson to ensure children have grasped the main teaching points through:
Oral work
Written work

Medium term
Recorded progress based on:
End of term assessments (Year 3 onwards)
Check-ups (Infants)

Long term
Pupils will be assessed through:
Internal summer examination

Mathematical progression for each child will be reported to parents via:

Parent/teacher interviews to be held in the Autumn and Spring Terms.
An annual written report to parents in the Summer Term.

Extra-curricular Maths
Mathematics Clubs are held for Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils where they can reinforce skills, play mathematical games and have the opportunity to extend previously learned principles and tackle more challenging topics and investigations.
Each year the more able Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to take part in the National Primary Maths Challenge (aimed at Years 5 and 6) and the National Junior Maths Challenge (aimed at Years 7 and 8 ).