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Our aim is to produce well-educated and well-rounded young men. The curriculum is broad but also offers the chance to study subjects in depth. We expect pupils to work hard, believing a good education is a voyage of discovery to be enjoyed. Our boys are stretched but not stressed. Above all, the relationship between boys and staff is friendly and professional.

All our boys are bright but they have different academic needs: some are gifted mathematicians and go on to distinguish themselves in national competitions; others are talented linguists or classicists. Many love science and go on to become doctors or engineers; others love reading and writing, expressing themselves elegantly in poems and essays.Some like the cut and thrust of debate in history and law, whilst others like to work creatively or collaboratively in ICT, art, music and drama.

Curiosity is the key, together with a desire to regularly go the extra mile. By the time they leave our boys should be independent learners, ready for almost anything!

Merchants’ boys work hard and get good results. A positive work ethic, talented teachers and small classes combine with high expectations from parents and staff to produce success year on year. However, the Senior Boys’ School is much more than just about success in the classroom. Our non-denominational Christian School is a happy, vibrant place, full of energy; ultimately it is the staff and boys who make this a great School.

Mr Deiniol Williams

Head Boys 2016

Head Boys 2016-17