24 Doors of Merchants’ – Day 14

Today’s door is in the older section of Stanfield, where the old music room was located.

The photo below shows the LP that was recorded there on June 29th 1972.The school magazine (1971-1972) states that “Stanfield’s music making is so varied and of such a high standard that it seemed a pity not to capture these pleasing sounds to keep; consequently a record was made of the many songs and recorder and percussion pieces and this will be on sale shortly”.

Music has always been such a strongpoint of the curriculum with Mrs Mann at the forefront urging the girls to sing and on one memorable occasion even lip-sticking the word SMILE onto her forehead so there she was facing the choir and back to the audience and the choir would smile!

This particular LP found its way into the school archives via a charity shop that one of our girls happened to be volunteering in; she bought it and donated it back to school. Thank you to Imaan Rizwan-Alvi in November 2011 for having the good sense to buy it.