24 Doors of Merchants’ – Day 12

Did you guess it?

From 1888 to 2009 this was this front door to MTGS. Parents and visitors used the front door, but for a considerable time girls used what is now the side staff door, and used to dodge in and out of staff parked cars.

In these days of health and safety this was deemed inappropriate, so for a short time girls were allowed to come through the front door whilst 6th formers had a swipe card to let themselves in and out using the side staff door. Finally in 2009 the new vitreum entrance was opened and everyone used the newly revamped front entrance again.

The photograph shows the now former front door across the hallway to the other door leading into the grounds in 1956.
The school mascot, Jane Harrison dressed in her Summer dress too is seated at her little desk. Jane is too precious to be on display now but is safelty stored in the archives.