Our Combined Cadet Force is the largest contingent in the North West.

More than 260 boys and girls take part on a voluntary basis from Year 9. In addition to weekly training, pupils have the opportunity of attending a variety of camps and courses, both in the UK and overseas.

A central aim of the CCF is to develop the leadership and teamwork skills of our young people. Mountaineering, camping, sailing, flying and shooting are just some of the activities in which they can become involved.

CCF meets on a Thursday evening between 4.10 and 6.00pm and is run largely by the older and more senior cadets, under the guidance of the adult staff. The CCF belongs to its cadets, and it is to their credit that it is so large, so busy and so successful.

Each year we hold our CCF Inspection Day, which is a day the school comes together to celebrate all the achievements of the Combined Cadet Force. Take a look at the video below from our most recent Inspection Day in 2022: