Girls are able to study Politics at A-Level.

Lively, relevant, controversial… there are many ways to describe A-level Politics. There’s no denying that it’s one of the most interesting and engaging qualifications girls can choose.  Covering news and current affairs from the UK and US, it helps girls to understand how the UK country is run and develops research, written communication and debate skills. It also helps grow their confidence. 

Politics is ideal for girls who are considering studying politics, sociology, ethics, advertising or journalism at university and it is highly regarded by employers in sectors including law, international relations, the media, government and the civil service. There are three broad areas of study in this specification: 

  • The government and politics of the UK 
  • The government and politics of the USA, and comparative politics 
  • Political ideas


The course requires in depth study of UK and US government and politics. Girls study comparisons across the two political systems are asked to identify parallels, connections, similarities and differences between aspects of politics. This allows them to develop a critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationships between political ideas, institutions and processes. 

Girls apply and develop a range of transferable skills during the course, including comprehension and interpretation of political information, critical analysis and evaluation, constructing arguments and explanations with reasoned conclusions, identifying parallels and differences, and communicating arguments and explanations with relevance and clarity.