Computing & ICT

A-Level Computer Science is focused on programming and builds upon GCSE Computing, emphasising the importance of computational thinking as a discipline and allowing pupils to deepen their understanding of Computing and Computation.

The course challenges students to apply the knowledge they gain alongside the creative and technical skills they acquire. It comprises three units.

Unit 1. Introduction to the internal workings of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the exchange of data, software development, data types and legal and ethical issues.

Unit 2. This unit incorporates the knowledge and understanding gained in Unit 1, with a greater emphasis on the practical application of skills that have been taught, ensuring students understand the principles of solving problems by computational methods.

Unit 3. The Programming Project is a substantial piece of work which assesses a variety of different skills including the development and demonstration of computational thought processes (Unit 2). Students choose, with support from their teacher, a well-defined user driven problem use their software skills to develop a solution.

The course is not only for those who want to gain a grasp of programming languages and their application, but also those who wish to gain an insight into how computers affect and shape our society, culture, morality and ethics. It gives pupils the opportunity to imagine how they can play a part in the industries, economies and technological advancements of tomorrow.

There are numerous enrichment opportunities in areas such as football, fashion and the chance to work alongside universities in Liverpool.