Geography is an exciting, dynamic and challenging subject to study at A Level, helping students to acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of physical and human processes and appreciate how places, environments and issues change.

It provides an understanding of how decisions are made about the use and management of resources and environments and allows students to clarify and develop their own values and attitudes in relation to geographical issues and questions.

The A-Level course comprises three Physical Geography topics (Glacial Systems and Landscapes, Water & Carbon Cycles, and Hazards) and three Human Geography topics (Changing Places, Population and the Environment, Global Systems and Global Governance). Each topic group is worth 40% of the mark.

Girls must also complete a fieldwork investigation of between 3,000 and 4,000 words on any aspect of the specification, worth 20% of the overall marks available.

Geography works well with a variety of science-based and humanities subjects. Global Economics and Systems has been introduced to the current specification linking well with Economics. We take great pride in recent results and the number of Sixth Form geographers who move on to study the subject or similar pathways at leading universities.

A-Level students participate in a residential trip to Blencathra Field Studies Centre near Keswick and also visit Liverpool as part of their studies on Changing Places. We are also committed to enriching the course with lectures from leading academics and regular overseas trips, including a bi-annual trip to Iceland.