The topics covered at A-Level Physics are an extension of those studied at GCSE and allow girls to develop their knowledge of forces, waves, radioactivity, electricity and magnetism.

Students look at these areas in more detail and find out how they are interconnected, while also learning how to apply maths to real-world problems and explore new areas such as quantum phenomena and special relativity. Most importantly however, they develop skills that can be transferred to just about any other area of work, from medicine to business to law.

Even for girls who don’t want to become a Physicist, learning to think like one will help them to get to the root of any problem and draw connections that aren’t always obvious to others. These skills are obtained by being given abstract problems and completing required practical work throughout the course, collecting and analysing data.

It is not necessary to study A-Level Mathematics to achieve the highest grade in A-Level Physics. We teach the required mathematical techniques as an integral part of the course for all students and also offer additional ‘Mathematics for Science’ lessons for anyone who needs extra support.

In recent years several girls have been awarded prestigious Nuffield Research Placements at the end of their Lower Sixth year. Being part of the Physics Partners Group also means that girls who study Physics at Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School may have the unique opportunity to collaborate with students from nearby schools.

Such opportunities include acting as Physics Ambassadors and working with pupils from in which they host Physics Masterclasses and act as role models for younger students. Recent activities have seen girls attend lectures from leading scientists, trips to CERN, taking part in national competitions and even a trip to NASA, Texas.