Computing & ICT

A-Level Computer Science allows students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Computing and Computation.

The course is not only for those who want to gain a grasp of programming languages and their application, but also those who wish to gain an insight into how computers affect and shape our society, culture, morality and ethics. It gives students an opportunity to imagine how they can play a part in the industries, economies and technological advancements of tomorrow.

Students gain an in-depth understanding of Computation and the ability to simulate a wide variety of scenarios through the use of algorithms and programming such as decision making. In the second year of the course, students put this into practice when they create their own software or perform an investigation into a certain area of Computing, such as 3D Rendering, Data Processing or mathematical simulation.

This course also gives students an understanding of how computers function, the way they represent and store data, the way they interact with their users and function as a collective group of devices in a network.

The qualification is examined in the form of two papers: “Computer Systems” and “Algorithms and Programming” as well as a programming project that places a huge emphasis on coding software from scratch; independently researching, designing, developing and testing the end product.