Speech Day Prizes

Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School Prizes, Awards and Donations

A F Doughty Senior Linguist Prize – donated by Mr E G French, who attended Merchant Taylors’ School between 1936-1941, in memory of his language teacher Mr A F (Danny) Doughty. Mr Doughty joined the staff in 1925, retired from full time teaching in 1962 but continued to teach part time until 1973, completing 48 years in the School.

Can Dereli Memorial Prize – awarded for outstanding commitment to voluntary work.

Charles Forshaw Cup – awarded to a boy in Year 10 of outstanding personality showing the best progress, not necessarily solely academic, during the year.

D. I. Dawburn Memorial Prize for Integrity – awarded to an Upper Sixth pupil who has displayed outstanding honesty, character and reliability.

D Temple Roberts Memorial Prize – donated in 1965 in memory of Mr Don Temple Roberts and awarded to a boy who has shown interest in, and has produced outstanding work in one or more of a range of subjects

Endeavour Prize – this prize is awarded to the boy in each form group who has displayed the highest level of academic effort throughout the school year.

Form Prize – this prize is awarded to the pupil in each form group with the highest academic attainment throughout the school year.

Gillie Fisher Memorial Cup for Good Character and Concern for Others – donated by Mrs Brenda Fisher in memory of her late husband, Gillie Fisher, who died in November 2011. Gillie was an Old Crosbeian and lifelong supporter of the School. This award has been given to recognise generosity of spirit and selflessness.

Great Crosby Exhibition – awarded for outstanding achievement, to a boy usually going up to Oxbridge.

Great Crosby Scholarship – awarded for outstanding achievement, to a boy usually going up to Oxbridge.

Harrison Scholarship – Awarded for outstanding work in GCSE Examinations

Hawkins Prize for Spanish – donated by Mrs Hawkins in memory of her late husband, Frederick Herbert Hawkins, who attended Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School from 1914-1920 . Mr Hawkins won a free scholarship to the School as did his sister to Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School.

Honorary Harrison Scholarship – awarded for outstanding work in the GCE Examinations.

J Mason-Guttridge Prize – awarded to a Year 11 pupil who has achieved the best results in GCSE examinations

John A Deyes Cup presented to Top Cadet for Rifle Shooting – John A Deyes attended Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School between 1946 and 1953. After qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor John was commissioned in the Royal Engineers and spent two years in Germany, during which period the Berlin Wall was built by the East Germans

John Harrison Leaving Prize (donated by the Merchant Taylors’ Company) one prize is awarded to a pupil, from any year group, who demonstrates outstanding commitment to activities and initiatives that benefit the Merchants’ and/or wider community.

John Leighton Taylor Memorial Scholarship – awarded to a boy of high calibre.

Jonathan Pape Memorial Cup – Jonathan Pape was an Assistant Master at Merchant Taylors’ Senior Boys’ School from 1919-1941 and this cup was presented to the School in his memory by his sons, Messrs RDA and JHC Pape. This is the prize awarded to a boy in Year 11 of outstanding achievement and personality.

Longford Classical Civilisation Prize – donated in 1959 by Dr Longford, a Governor of the School for many years.

Mark Luft Memorial Prize for Classics – donated in 1986 by Mrs Frances Luft in memory of The Reverend Canon H. Mark Luft who taught Classics and was Head of Department from 1941-1956. Canon Luft then returned as Headmaster between 1964 and 1979.

Marsham Memorial Prize for Physics – donated by Dr Sheila Marsham in memory of her late husband, Dr T N Marsham, CBE, FRS). Dr Marsham was an Old Boy of Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School who served at sea throughout the war. After the war, Dr Marsham returned to Liverpool University, studied Physics and gained his PhD.

Merchant Taylors’ Company Prize – One prize is awarded for each of Years 7 to Upper Sixth to a pupil who consistently displays intellectual curiosity and academic ambition across the curriculum.

Merit Prize – this prize is awarded, at the Form Tutor’s discretion, to the pupil in each form group who has made the greatest all-round contribution to the School community.

Mike Allen Memorial Cup for Rugby – donated by Mr and Mrs Freeman, Mr and Mrs Noble, Mr and Mrs Owen, Mr and Mrs Chestnutt and Mr and Mrs Bell in memory of the late Mr Mike Allen, a dedicated parent and loyal supporter of School rugby.

Molyneux Prize for Divinity – a prize originally given to the School by Mrs Molyneux in her will of 1728. The award of the prize for Divinity was instituted by Canon Armour in the late 19th Century.

Neville Pickering Prize for Effort – donated by Mr William Pickering in memory of his father, Neville, who attended Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School from 1934-1941. Following his education, Mr Neville Pickering went on to teach Electrical Engineering both in the United Kingdom and the United States.This prize shall be awarded to a pupil in each Year 11 form who has displayed the highest level of academic effort throughout
the school year.

Peter Lewis Memorial Prize for Endeavour – donated by Mr L Lewis in memory of his son, Peter Lewis, who died during his time at School after a cross-country run. This prize shall be awarded to a pupil in each Year 7 form group who has displayed the highest level of academic effort throughout the school.

Richard Povall Drama Lower School Drama Prize – Richard Povall was a member of the 1st XV rugby team as well as Head of School in 1984 and a strong performer in school drama. Richard went on to act, write, and compose music and took on the role as Artistic Director for the Mikron Theatre Company, a company taking drama to small audiences in locations often well away from main stream theatres.

Shepherd Eastwood Prize – awarded to a boy of high calibre, proceeding usually to Oxford or Cambridge’

Sir Henry Lucy Scholarship – awarded to the Head of School.

Smerdon Memorial Prize for Mathematics – awarded in 1979 as a memorial tribute to Mr W L Smerdon (Bill)- a Mathematics teacher who taught at the both the Junior and Senior Schools between 1948 and 1979.

Tom Glover Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Grensted Society – donated by Councillor Tom Glover OBE, a former Governor.

Trevor Hughes Memorial Art Prize – donated in 1987 in memory of Mr Trevor Hughes, who taught Art at Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School between 1954 and 1987.

Vallet Prize for Contribution to the Biology Department – on leaving school, Leon Vallet accepted a place at Liverpool Medical school, however WW2 had just started and he enlisted to join the Army instead. Mr Vallet’s family have kindly donated this prize in his memory.

W A Gale Memorial Prize for Art & Architecture – donated by the Reverend William Gale in memory of his late father.

W E Richards Memorial Prize for Services to the CCF – donated by Mr Richards’s brother in memory of W E Richards, an Old Boy of Merchant Taylors’ Senior Boys’ School who was killed in action in the Navy in the Far East.

W J Weston Prize for Geography – donated by Dr George Weston who, along with his four brothers, attended Merchant Taylors’ Senior Boys’ School.

Watmough Prize for Geography – Mr Geoffrey Watmough attended School from 1922-1932 and went on to Selwyn College, Cambridge. Apart from the war years, when Mr Watmough was serving in India with the Kings’ Regiment, he spent his time as a solicitor. Mr Watmough became a Governor in 1963 and was active in the Old Boys’ Association – taking on the role as President in 1973. His three sons, Derek, Michael and Brian, all attended the School.

Will Reay Trophy for Endeavour in Sport – Mr Reay, an Old Crosbeian, donated this trophy to be awarded to a pupil who tries hard in all sports. Mr Reay did not excel in sport himself but did his best to be a supportive team player.

William Barugh History Prize – donated by Mr William H Barugh, a Senior History Teacher, who taught at the School between 1924 and 1959.

William Woodward Prize for Creative Writing – donated in 1948 by Mr William Woodward who attended the School from 1886 – 1891.

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School Prizes, Awards and Donations

Burgess Cup for Swimming – Donated by Mr & Mrs P.N. Burgess.

The Laura Payne Swimming Endeavour Trophy – Donated by Laura Payne.

Challenge Trophy for Achievement in Rowing – Donated by Mrs J I Mills, former Headmistress, on her retirement.

Junior Rowing Prize – Donated by Mrs J I Mills, former Headmistress.

Maggie Souyave Cup for Sporting Excellence – Donated by Maggie Souyave former Head of P.E. when she left to become director of Ladies Hockey for England.

Sporting Endeavour Trophy – Donated in 1999 by Mrs Kathryn Rothwell and Mrs Anna Ratcliffe. Awarded to a girl who will “always put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into sport over a variety of activities”.

Ken Wardle Rowing Trophy – Donated by Mr Ken Wardle.

The Ian Robinson Award for Commitment in Swimming – Awarded in remembrance of Ian Robinson donated by The John Harrison Swimming Club.

The Lane Hockey Prize and Trophy – Miss Lane was Head of Girls’ Games and PE for many years.

Cowling Music Cup for Middle School Music – Donated by The Cowling Family.

Kathleen Kitchen Award for String Playing – Donated by the Crosby Symphony Orchestra. Miss Kathleen Kitchen was a former Head of Music at MTGS.

Year 11 and U6 Prizes for Endeavour – Donated by The Parent Teacher Association.

The Michael Bush Award for Musical Performance – Donated by Dr Marie Louise Bush in memory of her late husband. Michael Graham Bush who studied piano at the Royal Northern College of Music and conducting at the Royal Academy of Music where he was later appointed a Professor (JED). As a student at the RAM his many awards included the prestigious Read and Ricordi Conducting Prizes and election to Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM) for his outstanding contribution to musical performance. He made numerous recordings and broadcasts with professional orchestras, mainly in London. The trophy is awarded to the most accomplished vocal or instrumental classical soloist of the academic year.

Ruth Menzies Memorial Prize for Art – Mr A G Menzies donated this prize in his wife’s memory as she had died shortly after their daughters entered MTGS. It was specifically to be given to “the pupil who had tried and improved the most. Ruth loved nothing more than someone who made an effort”.

Saunders Prize for Creative Arts – Donated by Mr B J Saunders, ex-School Architect.

Gaynor Morgan Prize for Art – Col. Dai Morgan, for many years a teacher at MTBS, donated this prize in memory of his wife, Gaynor, in commemoration of her contribution to Art (at one time she taught Art at MTGS).

Head Girls’ Badges – For the past 14 years ex-Headmistress Mrs Janet Mills (1994-2004) has funded these replicas of the original three badges. From 2019 Mrs Louise Robinson (Headmistress April 2006-April 2018) has taken over this funding.

Soroptimists’ STEM Prize – Donated by the Soroptimists’ International of Crosby.

The Enid Briggs Prize for Mathematics – Mrs Anne Stoye The prize was formerly known as The Stoye Prize. Enid Briggs was a former Head of Mathematics.

George Green Prize for Mathematics, George Green Prize for Physics – Donated by the late Miss Doris Mary Cannell, an old girl of the school, who wrote a biography of George Green, published in 1988 (School Centenary year). In the Department of Physics at Nottingham University members of the George Green Memorial Fund had worked for 20 years to gain recognition of “a very great but much neglected mathematician and physicist, including the total reclamation and restoration of his mill”.

H.Y. Bramham Prize for Science – Donated by Mrs D. B. Kent.

The Robert Coupe Prize for Medical Sciences – Donated by Dr Robert Coupe.

The Heather Coupe Prize for Biological Sciences – Prizes donated by Dr Robert L M Coupe. To be awarded to the top students at A-Level Biology who intend to continue study in one of the Biological Sciences.

Emma Flanagan Cup for Middle School History – Donated by Dr D & Mrs M Flanagan in memory of their daughter Emma.

Heather Close Prize for Creative Writing – Donated by Col. L. Close in memory of his daughter, Heather.

Helen Edwards Cup for Creativity in the Environment – Donated by the late Mrs Helen Edwards, former pupil and Past President of the OGA.

Margaret Mann Prize for Spoken and Written English – Prize Fund set up by Mrs Margaret Mann, former Head of Stanfield, on her retirement.

Judith Barnes Memorial Prize for English Literature – Donated by Mr W. Barnes.

Owen Prize for Geography – Mrs E.M.H. Bailey – Presented by Miss Eirlys Owen, previously Head of Geography and Senior Mistress.

Caroline Hayton Memorial Cup – Donated by school friends of Caroline & presented by Mr & Mrs Hayton. Her school friends at MTGS presented the cup to her parents, who in turn presented it to the school.

Fordham Memorial Prize for Service to the School – Donated by the OGA, Miss Fordham was Headmistress from 1922 – 1939.

Worrall Award for Academic Distinction – Presented by Mr John Worrall, in memory of his wife: an old girl of MTGS.

Mitchell Prize for English – Mr Mitchell was a former Governor and his daughter
donated the prize.

Salters’ Company Prize – Salters’ Institute of Industrial Chemistry The Salters’ Company is ranked ninth of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. (The Merchant Taylors’ are sixth.) Its origins lie in the Salt Trade of medieval London. Today the activities of the Salters’ Company are centred on charity and education. The flagship charity of the Salters’ Company is The Salters’ Institute of Industrial Chemistry.

Broadhurst Library Cup and Prize – Broadhurst Booksellers of Southport Donated by Mr L R Hardman. Broadhursts of Southport.

Evelyn Mashford Cup for Modern Languages in Middle School – Donated by Mrs J I Mills, former Headmistress in memory of her late mother.

The Jackie Gibson Memorial Trophy – Former school friends contributed to a trophy following the death in 1993 of former pupil, Jackie Sohege, MTGS 1956-63, who worked as a local councillor.

Business and Geography Prizes – The Old Girls’ Association.

The Vicki Bayliss Scholarship (Biennial) – School Friends of Vicki. Vicki was a pupil who died whilst in Lower 5. Several of her friends raised funds to produce a scholarship: to be awarded to a girl in Year 10 for a 2 year tenure. The pupil should show “an ability in, and enthusiasm for, English and literature, and have a lively, outgoing and articulate personality”.

The Charlotte Rothwell Cup – Donated by Charlotte Rothwell

The Cynthia Smith Memorial Prize for Head Girl –  Cynthia Smith was killed in an air raid during the Second World War by a bomb which struck her home in Bonnington Avenue.

The Tom Glover Prize for Politics – Donated by Mr Tom Glover, former Governor.

The Margaret McCann Award – Given in memory of Margaret McCann who died in July 2009. Margaret was an Old Girl and Treasurer of the JHSC.  Her husband Leo was delighted when it was suggested to him that the Club would like to honour the memory of Margaret in this way. Margaret herself was a very generous and public spirited person and it was felt that it appropriate to present a prize for Public/ Community Service.

The Rachael Francis Cup – Donated by her family in memory of Rachael Elizabeth Louise Francis who attended MTGS from 1989 until 1996. Sadly, Rachael passed away in 2009. The award will be made annually to a student(s) who relished her study of Geography at Advanced Level.

The Hart Cup for Middle School Geography – Awarded to the top achieving Geographer in Year 9 continuing to study Geography at GCSE.

The Louis Simpson Cup for the Best Year 9 CCF Army Recruit – Donated in memory of Year 9 Army Cadet, Louis Simpson.

The Marguerita Boothby Award – Marguerita Boothby (nee Hurst) was Head Girl in 1951. She graduated from university with a degree in Medieval History. After her death in 2010, Marguerita’s husband, Leonard, made a generous donation to the Friends of Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School. The interest from this donation means that an award can be given to a student who is going to University to read History; in this way Marguerita’s memory is perpetuated.

The Marie Curie Prize for Outstanding Contribution to A Level Physics – Donated by Mrs Janet Custard, former Head of Physics.

The Stenson Cup for School Games Captain – Donated by Mrs Anne Stenson, former Head of PE, upon her retirement from MTGS in 2013.

The Sian Tickle Technical Theatre Award – Re-named in memory of Sian Tickle, Old Girl and former head of Drama & Theatre Studies at MTGS. Recognising a student who has made a significant contribution to Drama ‘backstage’.

The Dickinson Netball Trophy – Donated by Mrs Lynn Dickinson upon her retirement in 2014.

The T A Andersen Prize – Donated by The Assheton Family.

The School Swimming Captain Trophy – Presented by Caroline and Anna-Louise Mason.

The Carter Prize for Mathematics – Donated by Mrs Pamela Carter upon her retirement in 2013. This prize is awarded to the student who achieves the top mark at GCSE and goes on to study Mathematics at A Level.

The Peppin Cup for Physical Geography – Donated by Mrs Marie Peppin upon her retirement in 2017. Awarded to an Advanced Level Geography student who has
excelled in physical geography and shown great passion for the subject.

The Oliphant Prize – Donated in the memory of Pat Oliphant a former languages
teacher to be awarded to a pupil for spoken languages.

The Freya Kelly Award for Inclusion and Kindness – Donated by the Kelly family in memory of their daughter Freya, an MTGS pupil.

W.E. Richards Memorial Prize for services to CCF – Given to an U6 pupil for outstanding service.