Strategic Plan

Investing in Potential

Our strategic plan for the future of Merchant Taylors’ is based upon six themes that we feel are central to our enduring status as one of the leading independent schools in the North of England.

1. A school that cares
2. A school that fosters a passion for learning and focuses on excellence
3. A school renowned for its co-curricular provision
4. A school renowned for its extraordinary staff
5. A school that is forward-thinking and adaptable
6. A school that is at the heart of the community

Underpinning these strategic themes are four core principles:

  • Our charitable objectives
  • Financial sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion

These outcomes are all designed to work effectively in a learning culture which enables us to challenge ourselves to ensure our school remains as vital and relevant in today’s competitive conditions, as it did when it was first founded.

You can view the full Strategic Plan below.