Senior Girls News

Sierra Leone Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who donated to Dress Down Day today to raise funds to help Hope Preparatory School in Waterloo, Sierra Leone.

We raised £751 today, which is an excellent sum so we will be sending over a total of £1751 to begin an essential roof replacement on the School. These donations will now get the project started!

We haven’t yet reached our total but Mr Power is sure we will be able to raise more through Cake Sales after half term!

Please keep Sierra Leone in your thoughts and prayers, as they rebuild their community, after the terrible mudslides that hit the area in August which destroyed both livelihoods and homes. The community has suffered and many pupils have been unable to return to school as they can no longer afford the uniform (a criteria for entry) and for many food is scarce.

All donations are very welcome and thank you everyone for your generosity!

Mental Toughness Week

Over the next few weeks leading up to half term the Schools have dedicated two weeks to assemblies, activities, lunchtime meetings and visitor presentations for pupils, staff and parents that address issues relating to Mental Toughness. For example, yesterday’s assembly at MTGS focused on pupils who achieve to a high standard in an activity. They were all asked to meet an even bigger challenge with being interviewed by the Headmistress in front of their peers to share ‘the secret of their success’ along with the highs and lows of their chosen disciplines – how mental toughness has helped them succeed.

Pictured top row left to right: Rachel Burnett (talented Musician); Abby Jones (National standard Swimmer); Mia Carragher (Dancer/actor); Emily Woodier (Regional standard Hockey Player); Angelina Dorlin-Barlow (talented Musician and Singer); Headmistress Mrs Louise Robinson.
Bottom row left to right: Pippa Bailey (National standard Sailing); Elizabeth Wake (National Biathlon); Sophie Gilbanks (National standard Rowing); Eira Murphy (Foyle Young Poet); Rebecca Southwart (National standard British Dressage); Saule Luneviciute (International Ice Dancer); Maisie Lavelle (National standard Tennis Player).


This Thursday, we are also very pleased to welcome Steve Oakes, Director of Education at AQR International, where he leads the work on mental toughness in education. He will be delivering a Mental Toughness Awareness presentation to the students and a training session to staff, as the school moves to embedding the “7 C’s” of Care, Courtesy, Consideration, Commitment, Challenge, Control and Confidence. Alongside this, we are welcoming parents between 7-8pm to hear Steve talk about how (as parents) you can help your children to develop the resilience, optimism and determination necessary to enable them to make great progress.

Mental Toughness Fortnight – Parental Talk, Centenary Hall MTGS – Thursday 12th October 7-8pm

Steve Oakes is the Director of Education at AQR International, where he leads the work on mental toughness in education. Steve has 17 years teaching experience, prior to which, he spent six years in the Armed Forces. He successfully completed the Royal Marines Commando and the Parachute Regiment selection courses. He received the GSM and US Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding work in Northern Iraq.

Steve worked with the Independent Schools Council for their recent research project, relating to the development of soft skills and mental toughness. The research (in which Merchant Taylors’ participated) found that “Pupils in independent schools are controlled, committed, confident and like a challenge”. The quantitative research shows pupils at ISC independent schools have good attainment, wellbeing and behaviour and are more resilient, better at dealing with setbacks and more open to learning as a result.

Using a mental toughness model called MTQ48, the study – An Analysis of Mental Toughness at UK Independent Schools – included 9,000 pupils of all ages from 58 schools in England and Scotland.

The test defines mental toughness as the ‘mindset that every person adopts in everything they do’.

In this fortnight of Mental Toughness across MTGS and MTPS, we are delighted to welcome Steve to our school. He will be delivering a training session to staff, as the school moves to embedding the “7 C’s” of Care, Courtesy, Consideration, Commitment, Challenge, Control and Confidence, with all our students.

Parents are invited to join us to hear Steve talk about how (as parents) you can help your children to develop the grit and determination necessary to enable them to make great progress.

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School Awarded British Chess Educational Trust Award

The British Chess Educational Trust  (BCET) is a registered charity set up over 50 years ago for the purposes of ‘The teaching, development and supervision of chess by young chess players in educational establishments’ and provides grants for awards to schools in recognition of chess activities.

The determination of recipients is delegated to the various regional Chess organisations including the Northern Counties’ Chess Union (NCCU) and within the NCCU membership are several county associations of which the Merseyside Chess Association (MCA) is one.

The NCCU asked the MCA to make a submission for an award for 2017 and consideration was then given as to which school should be recommended. After discussion among the MCA committee and with the advice and assistance of the MCA Junior Organiser, Mrs Cathy Rothwell, it was agreed to put forward MTGS as a well-deserved recipient and this was accepted by the NCCU and BCET.

Mrs Rothwell of the Southport Chess Club and Mr Jimmy Gallagher of the Liverpool Chess Club have been instrumental in the last couple of years in bringing into being a Merseyside Junior Chess organisation which has proved very active and of which a prominent member has been MTGS both for its playing teams but also for the provision of facilities and accommodation to enable multiple team matches and congresses to take place. These have been very successful and over 100 young players are expected to take part in the next congress at MTGS later this month.

On 28th September the current president of the MCA, Mr Mike Barrett of the Formby Chess Club, and a member of the NCCU Committee, visited the school to present the award of a beautiful traditional wooden chess set and board together with a very modern digital chess clock to the school Chess Club. The club meets weekly on Thursday lunchtimes and he was met by Mrs Barry and Mr Bradshaw who supervise this activity. He was then very pleasantly surprised to find approximately 30 girls from a number of school years settling down to play games or watch and advise their friends in play. It was clear from the provision of a buffet lunch for the girls and the sight of girls in Army or RAF fatigues with one or two in sports outfits that chess is only one of a number of activities that take place but that every effort is made to enable the girls to play chess as much as possible. In reply to a comment that the two adults might be unable to effectively tutor the large number of girls present Mr Barrett was told that the more experienced players helped their junior colleagues and this was apparent in that part of the room where the rudiments of chess were being explained to some beginners. He was also introduced to one or two players who had previously attended an Aughton primary school well known locally and indeed regionally for its quality of chess playing.

In presenting the award to representatives of the chess club Mr Barrett thanked the school for its hospitality and congratulated both it and its chess club members for their efforts, enthusiasm and success in promoting chess in the school and in the wider area of Merseyside. He said that those girls in military uniform especially would be able to understand the analogy of chess to war in terms of tactics, control of the board and limiting the availability of space and attacking opportunity to the opponent whilst pressing home one’s own attack either because of superior forces or with a dramatic attack. He wished all the players well in their endeavours and in return he was thanked for coming and presenting the award.

Head Girls 2017-18

We are delighted to introduce our new Head Girl Team 2017-18. Welcome Catherine Magennis (Head Girl), Sarah Tobin (Deputy Head Girl), Saoirse McGeown (Deputy Head Girl), Ellen Murgatroyd (Sports Captain) Ellie Morris (Deputy Sports Captain) and Sophie Ellis (Music Captain). We wish you all the very best in your new roles!


From left: Sophie Ellis (Music Captain), Ellen Murgatroyd (Sports Captain), Saoirse McGeown (Deputy Head Girl), Catherine Magennis (Head Girl), Sarah Tobin (Deputy Head Girl), Ellie Morris (Vice Sports Captain).


Head Girls Supper 2017

Mrs Robinson welcomed back Old Head Girls from the past eleven years to join her for the annual Head Girls’ Supper.

The supper had added poignancy this year, as Mrs Robinson enters her final year as Headmistress of MTGS. She was joined by Head Girls mainly from her previous years at the School. Of particular note was returning alumni Kate Attwood, who was a Head Girl whilst the current Head Girl team were in Year 7.

In attendance were Pramudi Wijayasiri, Kate Attwood, Laura McGuckin, Millie McCaughrean, Esme Malley, Sarah Goldstein, Eleanor O’Shaughnessy, Sara Algebara, Milly Cadman, Saoirse McGowan, Sarah Tobin, Catherine Magennis, Oishi Sikdar, Sophie Marsh and Rosie Solomon.

The girls were joined by the Deputy Heads of School, Miss Tyndall and Dr Bush, as well as the current Head Girl team for a delicious three course meal in the Library at MTGS and a lovely time was had by all.


BBC Young Composers Competition Success

Congratulations to Rachel Burnett who was entered and shortlisted for the Final of the BBC Young Composers Competition. This is a great achievement and Rachel should be immensely proud of her success. Although just missing out on the winning spot, the BBC Proms congratulated Rachel personally, “I’m writing to let you know that out of the hundreds of entries we received yours was one which was shortlisted by this year’s judges. While you didn’t win this year I wanted to let you know the judges were very impressed with your piece. Congratulations!”

BBC competitions are renowned for their professional high standards and to receive such an accolade is hugely impressive. Deputy Head at MTGS, Dr. M. Bush, said that “Rachel has a rare talent, notably because she has a natural flare in everything that she does musically, which is, in my experience, very unusual indeed. Academically, creatively and through performance she has outstanding technique and sensitivity in all genres!”

Rachel has been invited to apply to the competition again next year and we hope to see more great successes from her in the years to come.

School Photographs

Please note that individual school photographs will be taking place for Year 7, Year 10 and Lower Sixth on the morning of the 12th September 2017.

At the end of the academic year we had a number of calls from parents asking for details of how to to order photographs that have been taken over the course of the year. With this in mid, Bentley Photography have combined all the photos taken and uploaded them to their website with one set of log in details. Therefore, please see the link below to access photographs:!!AQYJD1BdUjQnEnJmc34gTn9pW30yJys0fmEABAoHXA==

Photographs ordered will no longer be delivered via the school, but directly to your address.

“E Safety for Parents” Deana Puccio and Allison Havey: Tuesday 12th September 2017

Come and join us for our E Safety for Parents talk on the 12th September. Deana and Allison co-founded the Raising Awareness and Prevention (RAP) Project to raise awareness to pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, teachers and parents about personal safety issues on and off line. This E-Safety presentation helps parents to understand what their kids are doing online. It will focus on the dangers of careless use of the internet, sexting, cyber bullying, grooming, indiscretion, and how one’s reputation on the internet cannot be ‘deleted’. Most importantly, Deana and Allison work on how to try and control what your child is exposed to and how to influence what they choose to expose themselves to.

Allison and Deana will be signing copies of their new book after their presentation which will be available to buy for £10 (rrp £12.99). This book acknowledges that it is simply not possible to monitor every aspect of a teenager’s online world, and insight into what they might be looking at, advice on how to talk to teens about social media to help keep them safe and the warning signs to look out for.

To book your complimentary places, please email or use the online booking link at

Click here for further information.

Rowing Success

Congratulations to Sophie Gillbanks of MTGS and her partner Georgia Shirley (St Mary’s School, Northwich RC) for their outstanding achievement upon winning their seventh national rowing title together last month in Nottingham, at the British Rowing Junior Championships 2017.

Sophie and Georgia once again achieved the fastest time in the Time Trial on the Saturday, comfortably winning their Semi-Final on the Sunday morning with a time of 08:19.19. They then went on to win the Final to gain another gold medal for their third consecutive year, with a time of 08:14.24 in the Women’s Junior 16 Double Sculls.

Sophie’s sister Lucy (an Old Girl of MTGS), also represented GB Universities at the European Championships, held in Serbia, the same weekend Sophie was competing in Nottingham. Lucy brought home two silver medals, one in the Women’s Lightweight Quad and another in the Women’s Lightweight Double.

The girls have thrived due to their outstanding levels of commitment, hard work and focus and have all performed incredibly well. We hope to see more great successes in the years to come.



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