Bus Timetables

Merchant Taylors’ offers a comprehensive service of buses and coaches each morning and afternoon from a wide catchment area across the Liverpool City Region ranging from Warrington, Widnes, Wigan and South Liverpool up to Parbold, Ormskirk, Formby and Southport.

This service is operated by the school in partnership with a local, well-respected travel company and is available for the use of all our students, aged 4-18. We are always happy to consider running new routes if there is sufficient demand from a particular location.

All drivers are DBS approved and wherever possible remain the dedicated driver on a given route. We continually review travel times and pick up locations to ensure we are providing the best possible service.

Bus Routes & Timetables

Route 1 – Aintree
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off TimeWhat3words Location
Cherryfield Drive/Wellfield Ave (Kirkby Leisure Centre))07:5016:56brings.hopes.random
Valley Road07:5516:50jets.trades.form
Wango Lane (before bridges)07:5716:48badge.prom.output
Blue Anchor Pub08:0016:45guides.rarely.rubble
Aintree Lane08:0216:43plan.cubs.bridge
Aintree Station08:1016:35visits.shelf.cakes
Bridal Road/Netherton Way08:1316:32sleep.notes.topic
Netherton Pub08:1516:30boots.unity.seated
Dunningsbridge (2 bus shelters)08:2016:25slap.debate.cans

Route 2 – Aughton
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off TimeWhat3Words Location
New Street Motors07:2517:00splat.ferrying.crucially
Cottage Lane07:3516:55useful.lamp.solved
Ormskirk Bus Station07:4016:50tame.props.makes
St Anne’s Church07:4516:45duck.belong.nasal
Prescot Road/Rose Place07:4816:42select.label.sizes
Doctor’s Bridge07:5016:40match.topic.empire
Town Green School07:5216:38vibrates.amused.lunch
Institute Car Park07:5516:35shirt.choice.varieties
Bold Lane Post Box07:5716:43agency.revamped.crowds
Liverpool Road08:0016:30widen.roosts.zebra

Route 3 – Aughton Mini-Bus
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off TimeWhat3Words Location
Scotch Piper07:1516:25limitless.enrolling.sweeping
Dicconsons Lane07:2216:18brothers.chosen.impulsive
Cut Lane (Eco House)07:2516:15sums.budgeted.outreach
Cottage Lane07:3016:10boxing.occurs.scout
St Anne’s Church07:3216:08going.local.turkey
Aughton Institute07:4516:00shirt.choice.varieties
Miller & Carter07:5015:58signified.splice.fear
Liverpool Road South07:5515:55occurs.simple.cushy

Route 4 – Formby, Ainsdale & Birkdale
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off TimeWhat3Words Location
The Crown07:4016:46shameless.lizards.cropping
643 Liverpool Road07:4516:41delusions.fact.departure
Deansgate Lane07:5016:36edge.soccer.placed
The Grapes Hotel07:5316:33eagles.broker.alarm
Toby Carvery Formby07:5616:30choice.slower.calls
Liverpool Road / Lovelady Grove07:5816:28added.first.shades

Route 5 – Billinge, Rainford & Bickerstaffe
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off Timewhat3words Location
Outside Spar, Main Street07:2516:15heightens.minute.typically
St Mary’s Avenue07:2716:15atoms.manuals.earplugs
Higher Lane07:3516:05flood.body.inspector
Muncaster Drive07:3816:05valve.harsh.truck
Bottle & Glass Pub, St Helens Road07:4516:00claims.blackouts.stubbed
Starbucks, Bickerstaffe07:5015:50market.slime.online

Route 6 – West Derby
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off Timewhat3words Location
Almonds Green (Near Almonds Grove)07:3216:51shorts.gravel.loud
West Derby Village (Opposite Sefton Arms Pub)07:3316:50income.scan.points
Eaton Road/Norris Green Road07:3516:46rainy.notes.sweat
Central Drive07:3616:43traded.weep.hiking
Central Drive/South Drive07:3816:40leaps.agreed.rear
North Drive just before junction at Eaton Road07:4516:38class.life.ended
Eaton Road/Meadowcroft Park07:4716:37funds.vanish.fact
McDonalds, Liverpool Road07:5016:36trim.visual.tanks
Stockbridge Lane/Waterpark Drive07:5516:35hung.proper.secure

Route 9 – Parbold
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off Timewhat3words Location
Crow Orchard Road/Mossey Lea Road07:1517:10overpower.allowable.extension
Parbold, Top Of The Common07:2517:00conceals.novel.tiny
Parbold, Martin McColl’s07:2716:54vowing.goose.wobbling
Newburgh, Tears Lane07:2916:51moth.lifted.stance
Lathom, Briar’s Hall07:3116:48ranges.dealings.employers
War Memorial, Burscough07:3516:44boasted.nerd.abruptly
Burscough A59 (Liverpool Road South)07:3616:43populate.ample.bulk
Fiveways, County Road07:4116:40trail.topic.chart
Ormskirk, Holborn Hill07:4716:33sting.toys.bared
Aughton, Royal Oak07:5016:30worked.heads.butter
Liverpool Road near Moss Lanes Junction, Robin Island07:5616:29speedily.flows.tingled
Petrol Station, Oakhill Drive Junction07:5816:28rave.resonated.half
Parade of shops at corner of Coronation Road08:0016:27recall.surfacing.edits
Junction of Liverpool Road North/Green Lane08:0216:26await.houseboat.voters
Green Lane/Shop Lane08:0316:25protester.releasing.repeat
Sefton Lane/Maghull08:0516:25angers.bulldozer.point

Route 11 – Rufford & Southport (Senior Girls)
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off Timewhat3words Location
Hesketh Arms, Rufford07:2517:10claw.path.parkway
Leigh Arms, Mere Brow07:3517:05unloading.pasta.varieties
The Plough Roundabout07:4017:00caged.august.print
Cambridge Road (Bus Stop Opposite Cockle Dicks Lane)07:4316:57tamed.paused.names
Cambridge Road (Bus Stop Near Allerton Road)07:4416:56cubes.rises.slowly
Hesketh Park (Bus Stop Albert Road/Park Crescent)07:4516:55linen.forms.looks
Albert Road (Bus Stop by Imperial Pub)07:4816:52jams.apply.winks
Lord Street (Bus Stop Near Union Street)07:5016:50doing.shovels.blitz
Lord Street West07:5416:46misty.custom.smoke
Waterloo Road/Gainsborough Road07:5816:42trader.daily.rise
One Stop Shop (Liverpool Road)08:0016:30dribble.flop.faced
Kerslake Way08:1016:22

Route 12 – Rainhill, Prescot & Knowsley
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Rainhill, Norlands Lane Lay-By07:3516:50admits.shuttled.armed
Rainhill High School07:4116:45prone.boss.twin
Rainhill St James’ Church07:4516:45event.pumps.tubes
Warrington Rd / Kendal Drive nr Shell Garage07:4816:37worth.miles.having
Whiston Hospital07:5016:35issued.votes.cheer
Whiston Hospital (Warrington Road/Dragon Lane)07:5016:35copies.chins.list
Prescot, Liverpool Road (half way down the hill)07:5516:35caring.unity.laser
Knowsley Village, Derby Arms08:0016:30plates.stump.cooks

Route 14 – Southport & Birkdale
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Otterstye View07:2517:10addicted.bench.perch
Kew Island07:3017:05tools.calm.prove
Hesketh Drive/Coudray Road07:3816:57boots.gain.vest
Hesketh Drive/Argyle Road07:4016:55alien.vouch.spit
Lord Street07:4516:50flip.cases.galaxy
Lord Street West (by the church)07:4716:48slave.jacket.bolts
Selworthy Road07:5016:45friend.fever.gifts
Dunbar Crescent07:5516:40thrashed.midwinter.shoebox
643 Liverpool Road08:0016:35mulled.selling.boards

Route 15 – Southport & Formby (Infants & Juniors with Chaperone)
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Argyle Road/Hesketh Road07:2516:36pills.ruled.hungry
Lord Street East07:3516:21doing.shovels.blitz
Lord Street West07:3516:21rental.leader.horn
Gainsborough Road/Waterloo Junction07:4016:17toxic.tribal.refuse
Selworthy Road/Waterloo Junction07:4016:17tilt.improving.owls
Dunbar Road/Waterloo Junction07:4516:13thrashed.midwinter.shoebox
643 Liverpool Road07:5016:07mulled.selling.boards
The Grapes Hotel, Formby08:0016:00eagles.broker.alarm

Please note the return stops will be approximately 10 minutes earlier each Friday due to the earlier finish of the school day.

Route 16 – Warrington & Widnes Express
LocationPick Up TimeDrop Off Timewhat3words Location
Westbrook Crescent/Asda07:1517:19define.stack.unity
Twenty Acre Road/Tasmin Close07:1617:17likely.turns.given
Twenty Acre Road/Ellesworth Close07:1717:16tinsel.eagle.richer
Boston Boulevard/Denver Drive07:1817:14stands.brass.areas
Santa Rosa Boulevard 07:2017:12agent.royal.outer
Liverpool Road (A57)07:2317:10vocal.frog.useful
Butchers Arms07:3017:05during.hotels.frame
Griffin Pub07:3517:00crackling.worm.horns
Lunts Heath Road07:4316:55ribcage.pickles.scanning
Cronton Sixth Form College07:4516:53starred.dabble.motorist
Cronton Road/ Dacres Bridge Lane07:4916:57rather.select.gone

Route 17 – Wigan, Orrell & Skelmersdale
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Running Horses Public House07:2217:27bearings.sheds.animator
Labour Club (Upholland)07:3217:14starter.trades.parkland
Toby Roundabout07:3817:07galaxy.conned.armrests
Sports Field Lay-By07:4317:01talents.cobbles.treatment
Starbucks M58/Southport Road Roundabout07:4716:58ritual.souk.flops
Fox House Lane07:5816:47earmarked.imperious.folks
Maghull Square08:0316:43funds.rooks.series

Route 18a – Woolton & South Liverpool
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Hunt’s Cross07:1516:50clotting.decades.youths
The Elephant Pub/Woolton Village07:2016:55fear.fame.locals
Acrefield Road/Woolton mount07:2216:57button.statue.loser
Woolton Road/Gypsey Lane07:3217:08assume.just.rises
Woolton Road/Childwall CofE07:3417:09cases.fault.answer
Menlove Avenue/Harthill Road/Green Lane07:3617:13famed.piles.policy
TA Centre, Mather Avenue/Tesco07:3917:15points.gravy.frost
Stop 2, Mather Avenue/Ballantrae Road07:4117:17faster.globe.share
Stop 3, Mather Avenue/Heath Road07:4417:19ages.sunset.arrow

Route 18b – Woolton & South Liverpool
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
BP Aigburth Road07:4016:59piles.vest.tune
St Margaret’s CE07:4516:54space.feeds.affair
Top of Jericho Lane07:4616:53clash.move.quiet
Bus stop at junction of Riverside Road/Bempton Gardens07:4816:51chose.fades.enhancement
HMS Eaglet07:5516:44stick.pushy.bikes
Sefton Street/Perry Street07:5916:40dish.legs.famous
Kings Dock08:0216:37tend.accent.wasp

Route 19 – Woolton & South Liverpool (Infants & Juniors Mini-Bus)
LocationPick Up TimesDrop Off Timeswhat3words Location
Church Road/Woolton Hill Road Junction07:2016:55pays.flown.gained
Woolton Road/Cromptons Lane07:2516:50cases.fault.answer
Menlove Avenue07:2816:45drops.stocks.live
TA Centre, Mather Avenue07:3016:40points.gravy.frost
Heath Road07:3416:37sticky.stow.intent
St Margarets07:4516:30index.saving.puddles
Fullwood Medical Centre, Jericho Lane07:4716:25laptop.steer.rental
Bus Stop Riverside Road/Bempton Rd Junction07:5016:20chose.fades.enhancement
Royal Marines Naval Base07:5516:15dirt.tilt.proud
Kings Dock / Albert Dock, The Strand08:0016:12string.human.counts
The Hilton Hotel, Strand Street08:0316:05shop.target.aside
Costco / Mini Garage08:0516:00drops.towers.strike

Please note the return stops will be approximately 10 minutes earlier each Friday due to the earlier finish of the school day.

Other School Bus Information

Bus Route Costs
RouteFee Per Term
Route 1 – Aintree£306.00
Route 1 – Aintree (One Way)£153.00
Route 2 – Aughton£419.00
Route 2 – Aughton (One Way)£266.00
Route 3 – Aughton Mini-Bus£511.00
Route 3 – Aughton Mini-Bus (One Way)£260.00
Route 4 – Formby/Ainsdale/Birkdale£399.00
Route 4 – Formby/Ainsdale/Birkdale (One Way)£200.00
Route 5 – Billinge Mini-Bus£533.00
Route 5 – Billinge Mini-Bus£255.00
Route 6 – West Derby£511.00
Route 6 – West Derby (One Way)£255.00
Route 9 – Parbold£452.00
Route 9 – Parbold (One Way)£227.00
Route 11 – Rufford/Southport£426.00
Route 11 – Rufford/Southport (One Way)£213.00
Route 12 – Rainhill/Prescot £511.00
Route 12 – Rainhill/Prescot (One Way)£253.00
Route 14 – Southport Mixed£426.00
Route 14 – Southport Mixed (One Way)£213.00
Route 15 – Southport Junior £452.00
Route 15 – Southport Junior (One Way)£239.00
Route 16 – Warrington/Widnes£511.00
Route 16 – Warrington/Widnes (One Way)£266.00
Route 17 – Wigan£452.00
Route 17 – Wigan (One Way)£227.00
Route 18 – Woolton & South Liverpool£511.00
Route 18 – Woolton & South Liverpool (One Way)£266.00
Route 19 – Woolton & South Liverpool (Junior)£511.00
Route 19 – Woolton & South Liverpool (Junior) (One Way)£266.00
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