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About Us

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School is an independent, day school for girls aged 11-18. Based in Crosby, Liverpool: it is one of the leading girls’ schools in the North West. This non-denominational Christian school has an extraordinary warmth which comes from the good relationships that dedicated staff and motivated girls have with each other. A single-sex environment encourages girls to express themselves, to seek help when they need it, to practise leadership roles and to reach for the top.

The Aims of Merchant Taylors’ Schools

• To maintain the Schools’ position as one of the North West’s leading academic schools.
• In addition to providing an academic, disciplined education, to offer a diverse range of extra-curricular activities, so that pupils leave as rounded, confident and balanced members of society, well-prepared for further education and their careers.
• To maintain the Schools’ social mix and enable as many pupils as possible from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from the Schools’ academic success and wide range of activities through the Schools’ own assisted places scheme.

How we will meet our aims

• To employ high quality staff with the appropriate professional skills, experience and qualifications.
• To continue to develop first class, up to date facilities.
• To maintain the Bursary Fund.
• To retain single-sex education by recruiting sufficient pupils.

Message from the Headmistress

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School blends the best ideas of the past with opportunity and a vision for the future. 

As an educationalist, I am engaged in educating the next generation and see it as the most important thing any individual can do.  It is a privilege for all of us within the school to be in a position whereby we can pass on the existing knowledge, culture and skills that we have acquired.   We encourage each other to promote, and therefore help others to support, the development of all your daughters in accordance with their aptitudes and talents in a stimulating and creative way.

It is important to me that I role-model to the whole school community what it means to be a learning leader and one who can work collaboratively as part of the wider team. There are strong working relationships with pupils, as well as with the parents and staff to ensure that together, we are able to develop a shared purpose and focussed strategy for the education of your daughter.  As a result, the learning in the school flourishes as does the ability to reap the benefits from being part of the Merchant Taylors’ family. Everyone within our community is able to develop at a pace that is right for them, feels able to take risks and has the confidence to try out new ways of doing things better. It is a dynamic environment which celebrates the individuality of each girl and is most certainly not a school which espouses a one size fits all approach.

Whilst acknowledging that MTGS is keen to enable your daughters to achieve their maximum potential academically, I believe that it is important to recognise that this will only be achievable through the provision of a wider consideration of what constitutes an ‘excellent’ education.  The breadth of our school curricula allows for each girl to develop their intellectual curiosity, a real passion for life-long learning and receive a very personalised approach to their studies.  Focusing on these aspects also ensures that we can continue to raise confident independent young women whom we will be proud to send out into the world.  Underpinning this will be your daughter’s happiness and ability to be comfortable in her own skin as a result of the strong and nurturing pastoral provision within the school.  This is of paramount important given the nature of the challenges that young people face in the world today.

Do come and visit the school so that you can experience the true Merchant Taylors’ spirit and enthusiasm of our family.

Headmistress – Mrs Claire Tao

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