Working at Merchant Taylors’

For 400 years, our school has endured as one of the finest in the North of England, founded on a commitment to academic excellence and a nurturing environment that helps every child to achieve their full potential.

Across the Liverpool city region, our name is synonymous with excellence, achievement, heritage and culture. We are proud to be well-respected in the eyes of our local community and we take that responsibility very seriously as an organisation.

We are also known as an employer of choice within the education sector. We are committed to hiring the very best people, giving them opportunities for personal and professional development, offering market-leading rewards packages and providing a friendly, challenging and inspiring work environment to our teaching and non-teaching staff.

Wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do and staff have access to physical and mental health professional support as part of their employment with us. We also have a strong support network amongst our team to ensure that staff at all levels feel able to seek and receive help or advice whenever they may need it.

We are proud to offer a first class range of benefits to our people including;

  • Competitive pay and flexible working opportunities.
  • Teaching staff will enjoy discounted school fees for their children attending the School as well as membership of the APTIS pension Scheme [Aviva pension Trust for Independent Schools]
  • Support staff receive pension benefits that see their employer contributing 8% a month to their pension.
  • All of our people have access to a free hot or cold lunch during term time as well as free tea and coffee throughout the year.
  • We provide free fitness facilities by allowing our people to access the fitness suite where they can train exclusively between the hours of 7.15am – 9.00am and 4.00pm – 6.00pm.
  • We also provide all of our people with access to our employee assistance programme which offers a counselling and advice helpline 24/7 for them and their immediate family.
  • We provide a supportive working environment where your continuous professional development is a priority and where you will enjoy working amongst a team of talented professionals.
  • We provide all our people with £25.00 towards the cost of an eye test and contribute £50.00 towards the cost of a prescription if you require glasses for VDU use.
  • Free onsite car parking.
  • Book worms can enjoy loaning books from the school library

Our children, parents and staff all share an immense pride in being part of the Merchant Taylors’ community and many carry those bonds with them throughout their lives, taking part in formal school functions or attending informal events with former colleagues and pupils long after they have left the school. Merchant Taylors’ offers a lifelong connection and we hope you are able to join our community.