Modern Foreign Languages

The MFL department offers A-Levels in French, Spanish and German.

Building on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE, each course offers an insight into a country’s culture, its history and politics, religion, civil rights and immigration.

The A-Level course fosters a range of valuable transferable skills including communication, critical thinking, research and creativity. Students develop a high level of linguistic fluency which will provide them with an excellent foundation for further study.

The examination consists of three papers.

1. Aural understanding and reading comprehension, including a translation element

2. Assessment of writing, with questions based on the book and film they have studied during the course.

3. The spoken element of the exam. Students must prepare an Independent research element for discussion and there is also a general conversation based on themes.

Students are encouraged to visit the country relevant to their studies and there are opportunities to accompany one of the organised school visits. Many of our Sixth Form language students undertake work experience in France, Germany or Spain.