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Elizabeth to lead new chapter at Merchant Taylors’ Stanfield

5 Jun 2020

Merchant Taylors’ School is delighted to announce the appointment of Elizabeth Lynan as the new Head Teacher of Stanfield...

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Chair of Governors Retires After 4 Years

2 Jun 2020

Current Chair, and Old Girl, Beverley Bell will retire from the post on 12 July, with Old Crosbeian Philip Marshall taking over....

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Matthew Lock appears on The Morning Show

1 Jun 2020

Merchant Taylors’ Senior Boys’ student Matthew Lock recently appeared on Australian TV on ‘The Morning...

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Reception Rockets

27 May 2020

The children in Reception were amazed to find out that a letter had arrived at school for them a couple of weeks ago....

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New Head Girl Team Announced

15 May 2020

Congratulations to Melissa Hennessy who has been announced as the new Head Girl, and Jess Fitter and Ciara Losty who are the new...

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Archie and Jessica take on Challenge 26

7 May 2020

Archie (Year 5) and Jessica (Year 3) are attempting Challenge 26, which has been set up to help those charities who have missed...

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Year 5 Time Capsules

7 May 2020

As part of their learning the Junior Boys are currently working on creating time capsules during lockdown....

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GCSE Music Showcase

6 May 2020

Before we left school last term, some of our GCSE music pupils recorded pieces of work for submission. These pieces are the...

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Corinne Awarded 5th Blue Peter Badge

4 May 2020

Congratulations to Stanfield pupil, Corrine, who has just been awarded her FIFTH Blue Peter badge....

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Quinn Wins Art Competition

1 May 2020

Well done to MTJBS pupil Quinn Mcmenamin who recently won the AIB Art competition!...

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Lockdown Challenge: The Periodic Table

29 Apr 2020

The U6 chemists have been rising to the challenge of self-isolation combining Chemistry with their creative skills to produce a...

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School tech team producing PPE visors for frontline carers

27 Apr 2020

Staff at Merchant Taylors’ School in Crosby have begun making protective visors for healthcare workers during the Covid-19...

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